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Cancer Research's Holiday Healthcare tips

Cancer Research's Holiday Healthcare tips

If you’re spending your summer abroad this year, Cancer Research UK have provided helpful information for people travelling with cancer to make sure your holiday healthcare is covered!

Healthcare and travel issues may vary between people and some may feel more affected than others, however, here are 5 key tips to help your holiday run smoothly, these range from physical needs to practical issues which you may now have to consider in your plans.

  1. Check your travel insurance. 
    Getting travel insurance may be more difficult to get after cancer treatment, especially for places further afield. 

  2. Ask your tour operator for help.
    Many travel companies have medical officers available to help with your needs and provide advice about your trip. There are a number of things that might help make your holiday more relaxing which you can consider in advance such as:

    Early boarding to find a suitable seat , Dietary requirements , Wheelchair hire, Transfers to and from the airport, Local & reliable taxis. 

  3. Check your transport options.
    There are a whole host of support outlets which can help provide information, grants, financial advice, equipment hire and information directly from airlines to help get your journey off to a good start. 

  4. Take care in the sun.
    Some cancer treatments make may your skin more sensitive so extra exposure to the sun can cause a higher level of burning and sun stroke. Your skin may also become drier so be careful of chemicals, such as chlorine in swimming pools.

  5. Plan your medical supplies.
    If you are travelling with medication make sure you have a doctor’s letter to explain what you are taking and ensure the medicine is clearly labelled, customs officers will want to see records of what you are carrying.

For more information, Cancer Research UK have a range of guides and useful information available to help answer your concerns so you can be prepared, take what you need, then be able to relax and enjoy your holiday!