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5 ways you can you help a small charity

5 ways you can you help a small charity

Small charities represent 97% of Britain’s charity sector with the majority operating in local communities, however; they feel they are suffering due to public awareness of the bigger charities, with bigger budgets!

This week we’re celebrating Small Charity Week (13-17 June) which is aimed at raising awareness of the challenges small charities face and looking at ways you can help. In a recent poll, 50% of people said they would donate money to their local charity if they knew about them. So how can we start spreading the news and support small charities?

"At Small Charities Coalition we hear first-hand from our members about challenges facing small charities, and recognise how important support is to enable them to develop and thrive.” John Barrett, Chief Executive of Small Charities Coalition

“Local charities are the lifeblood of the communities they serve, playing a vital role in supporting the daily lives of thousands of people… What our Local Charity Partnerships have proved is that partnerships between well-known businesses and local causes can have a positive effect, not just by increasing fundraising, but also increasing local awareness.” Bola Gibson, Head of Community Engagement at TSB.

Working alongside TSB, Small Charities Coalition have identified five ways we can all help.

  1. Find a local cause – If you don’t know what charities are local to you and want to find one you are passionate about you can use Charity Choice’s advance search option or the Small Charity Directory where you can search by postcode. 

  2. Raise awareness – A key challenge for small, local charities is raising their profile, particularly when funding is tight.  If a local charity helps you, or someone you know, or if you or someone you know raises money for a local cause then spread the word.  

  3. Work in partnership – whether you’re a small charity, a business or a member of public, working in partnership with local charities can be a powerful tool.  Whether it’s encouraging a local business to support a local charity or small charities themselves working together to share knowledge and expertise.

  4. Volunteer – Not sure where to start? Simply sign up to Charity Choice volunteer  services here or use the Small Charities Coalition resources to find individuals and companies give time and expertise– whether skills, fundraising, becoming a trustee, or organising employee volunteering.

  5. Give – Don’t forget, a little can go a long way. Want to do more? Get in touch with your local charity or check out Local Giving for ideas.