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10 ways to use your body for good – Helpercise!

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A cheesy challenge - make it your mission this week to use your body to lift the spirits of those around you. We call it helpercising, and promise it will make you feel great!



These are very useful for running errands for others. Whether nipping out to get your stressed workmate a much-needed coffee, dropping round some essentials for your friend who is a sleep-deprived new mum, or popping to the local shop to pick up the Radio Times for an elderly neighbour (so they’ll know when it’s time to switch over to Corrie). Of course you can also use your stems for taking part in sporty fundraising events if you want to take it to the next level!



Fundamental in holding doors open for others. Male or female, if they are walking behind you then it is nice to keep the door open for them. Note that this does not apply to train doors; you can get in trouble for that!



Can be used to help somebody less able than yourself with a household chore, some work in the garden, or just grabbing the Bisto from that really high shelf they can never quite reach.



Use your ears to listen to someone today. Take time to hear the worries of a friend who is having a tough time and could use some support, or just needs to offload.



Popular uses of our voice include shouting, swearing and gossiping. These are very fine things in their place, but you can put your voice to even better use just by asking people how they are. Whether it’s your mum, a colleague, or the cashier in your local supermarket who always helps out when you need to double bag that four-pack of tinned tomatoes.



Wear it on your sleeve! Be as mushy as you like (we won’t tell): tell your kids you love them, cook a surprise dinner for your partner, or drop in on your grandad to share a cuppa and listen to some stories about the old days.



This is a simple one: SMILE! It’s contagious, in the nicest way possible.



Why not lift it up from that train seat, and offer your seat to someone who might need it more than you?



Great for emailing an old friend - or, even better, picking up the phone and dialling their number.



As in, “thumbs up”: a universal symbol for good cheer. Be positive today, and let the good energy rub off on people around you. Tell someone they’ve done a good job or compliment them on their outfit, their work, their kids or their newly decorated downstairs loo.


So folks, try to avoid navel gazing, turning a blind eye or burying your head in the sand – use those legs, arms, hands and feet to bring a little cheer to those around you!