Back-on-Track-Stroke Rehab Service Wiltshire

Registered Charity Number: 1156529

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Back On Track Stroke Rehab Service is a charity run organisation set up to help stroke victims in Wiltshire recover their back lives.
About Us
Back on tracks aim is to help stroke survivors in the Wiltshire area retrain in order for themselves to feel a valuable member of society. This can take many different paths as each stroke survivor is left with different difficulties. These range from speech issues,cognitive issues and muscle control issues, these being the main area's of issue. In today's fast pace of life people are suffering strokes at a younger and younger age, whilst the funding for the stroke victims rehab once they leave hospital is becoming less and less. A stroke can strike at any age and with more young people falling victim to strokes the importance of rebuilding their lives with physiotherapy, counselling and connotative therapy is more and more important.
To Sum Up
Back On Track Stroke Rehab Service started back with our BBQ launch in July 2012. We had a handful of members and a mountain to claim. Today 3 yrs on we are now a registered charity with our own speech and language therapist, counselor and physiotherapist, we have help over 120 stroke survivors and their carers and demand for our service is growing.