Ancient Monuments Society

Registered Charity Number: 209605

About Us

The Ancient Monuments Society was founded in 1924 ''for the study and conservation of ancient monuments, historic buildings and fine old craftsmanship'. We are committed not only to campaigning for historic and beautiful buildings, but to furthering the study of them.

Consultee on Listed Building Consent

We are recognised as one of the National Amenity Societies, and as such are informed of any application for listed building consent in England and Wales involving demolition. However we are unique amongst the Amenity Societies in that buildings of all ages fall within our remit. 'Ancient Monument' is a notoriously ambiguous term, but we take it to mean any man-made structure of architectural or historical interest - including houses, whether vernacular or polite, barns, almshouses, dovecotes, mills, churches and chapels. We are also the slimmest of all the Amenity Societies, and rely on members, donations and bequests to continue our work.

Partnership with the Friends of Friendless Churches

The AMS has always been especially concerned with the preservation of redundant churches. In 1980 we entered into a partnership with the Friends of Friendless Churches, an organisation with direct responsibility for over forty churches which would otherwise have been demolished, fallen into decay, or been unsympathetically converted. While both organisations retain their independence they co-operate in handling ecclesiastical cases.

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