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A fresh start for young people in crisis. The Amber Foundation is an independent charity that supports young homeless people.

Registered Charity Number: 1051388
Chumleigh, Devon

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Every year around 83,000 young people experience homelessness and more than 150,000 seek help. Young people become homeless for many reasons – family breakdown, drug and alcohol problems, leaving care, losing a job – and once homeless, it can be very difficult to find work, secure accommodation and get back on your feet.

Amber makes a difference. Each year we work with 200 young people (aged 17-30) at our residential centres in Devon, Surrey and Wiltshire and help them rebuild their lives. We do this by:

  • Offering a temporary, safe place to live, away from negative peer pressure
  • Delivering person-centred support and training designed to provide the motivation and encouragement young people need to re-evaluate their lives and plan for a more positive future
  • Working in teams to build their self-confidence and wellbeing, focus on their strengths and interests, and set key objectives that will enable them to move on successfully

What we do

Amber provides a supported housing environment that’s a little bit different. Not just training and support to address specific issues but new experiences and opportunities that raise aspiration and challenge residents to take responsibility for their lives.

We offer:

  • Structure, routine and boundaries
  • Life skills such as cooking, cleaning, tenancy and financial management
  • Core educational skills and practical qualifications
  • Peer support and access to counselling
  • Creative projects involving art, crafts, music, film, drama
  • Sport and exercise
  • Giving back, community engagement and volunteering
  • Work experience, CV writing and mock interviews
  • Support to move on to education, employment and safe accommodation

“Amber gives you the one thing in life that everybody needs – regardless of their background – hope. Hope and opportunity.” [Amber resident]

Amber was established in 1995 and we’ve worked with over 3500 young people

80% moved into education, employment, voluntary work or achieved a major life goal in the last 5 years.

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Phone: 01225 792619


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