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Age UK is committed to being there for older people who need us. By leaving a gift to Age UK in your will, you can help to make sure that we can continue making life better for older people.

Every single gift is vital to Age UK. A gift left to Age UK is the promise that, years from now, people in later life will have someone to turn to if theyíre feeling vulnerable, lonely and forgotten.

Itís the reassurance that, when the time comes, our vital support network will be there to help with everyday needs, so people can continue to live with dignity and respect. Itís a huge comfort to know weíre just a phone call away.

Thatís why every single gift to Age UK is so valuable.

You can choose to leave your gift to Age UK, Age International or our national partners Age Cymru, Age NI, Age Scotland or to a local Age UK.

If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift in your will to Age UK, please call our Legacy Team on 020 3033 1421, email or visit


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Make a Pledge

Gifts left in wills are really important to Age UK. However even if you haven't made a will, making a pledge to do so in the future would really help us to find out about your future intentions.

Pledges are not legally binding so by filling out this form you are not committing yourself! You are simply allowing Age UK to confidently estimate future support for their cause.

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Leave a Legacy

You can leave a specific sum of money or an item such as jewellery or a piece of art. You can leave a share in, or all of, whatís left of the value of your estate after all bills have been paid and all other legacies have been distributed.

If you would like to add a gift to Age UK to an existing will, you can use a codicil. Adding a codicil to your will means there is no need to change the terms of your current will. It simply adds a new instruction.

As a rule if the change you wish to make is quite small or simple, you can use a codicil, and if the change is more significant or complex you should make a new will.

If you wish to make several changes, big or small, it is advisable to make a new will. If you have any questions around writing a codicil or updating your will, you should seek advice from a solicitor or professional adviser.

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