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    increased crop production



This two minute fim was made for the Soil Association

Good Gardeners are the No Dig charity which teaches how to save water and carbon though No digging of the soil. This science increases the nutritional quality of the food produced (please see our web site: Sustainable Agriculture London.) Indeed the Director at the Haiti office of WFP, during the earthquake afterrmath said that the best world Food Programme is no World food programme but rather all peoples of the world grow their own food. Crop production is greatly increased with the Good Gardeners system and the effects of climate change can be alleviated with the tremenduous carbon saving and water holding capacity of our end product HH-4.  (holds twenty times its own weight in water, Oxford Real Farming Conference, UK)      We also teach seed saving which is important for future sustainability.

HH-2 technology first renders all forms of organic wastes including food processing wastes (IE., fish processing waste) into an optimum fertiliser in 90 days, known as HH-4. This can be achieved and on-land food production can be taught and effected where fish stocks are running out. Most sanitation systems are unproductive, a source of lethal pollution and are often very costly. Dry sanitation is effected with our HH-3 DRY toilet system which requires no water for flushing and no pumping out/disposal charges Everything is collected in bio liners within the HH-3 DRY toilet and these are subsequently placed into the HH-2 Hot Boxes which are rat proof and fly proof. Everything is enclosed and is completely safe. Up to 24 toilet bags can be processed every week continuously with only one pair of HH-2 Hot Boxes. Thus this is a revolution in sustainable economics.The heat processing only takes 14 days, the automatic heat gradient is monitoed with a long stem thermometer; even children can monitor the system (educational).  At 14 days the material is removed  for maturation. At 30 days no pathogens have ever been at found at testing (over 20 years).   At 90 days the material is bagged up for sale, as we do in the UK. We are selling for £2,000 per ton (pro-rata). Because our system is vermin proof we have developed the first Cholera proof sanitation system. This is very important and essential with the increase in incidence of Cholera around the world. The system should be installed in designed refugee camps as a therapeutic activity and added source of food security. (I.E., Haiti, 2010)

The resultant end product HH-4 will condition any soil type without the need for soil analysis. Marginal or so called unusable land can be brought into production with the HH-2 Horticultural System as we have demonstrated in many countries.

The long lasting HH-2 equipment (25 years) is the safest way to recycle all forms of organic and obnoxious wastes and make them into fertiliser in 90 days. This means that every farmer can replenish his land by employing waste products. With the cleaning up of the towns and villages we will prevent the spreading of rats and mosquittoes. The quality of the soil is so improved with this No Dig system that much moisture is retained and crops can stand in the ground for much longer than normal. This is food security and the origin of the term Farmacy. All your nutrition and well being can be sought through properly grown, good, fresh, organic food that is grown without digging the soil.

We are reintroducing wheel hoes that originated about 100 years ago. We renovate them and export them with our equipment, which is also currently made in England.These create employment for adults and save thousands of man hours from hand hoeing. Machines and the need for oil become un-necessary with tthe HH-2 system and children can be taken off the fields and return to school.  The HH-2 Horticultural Sytem is income generating and facilitates the growing importance of utilizing human effluent as a fertiliser in Africa. The dilemma has always been 'how to do this safely' without the risk of the spread of pathogens. The science of Sir Albert Howard was conclusively proved when he took care of this 100 years ago. He was knighted for his work. Higgins has condensed this work into the HH-2 system today which passes all the modern day regulations of Environmental Health. Many many visitors have frequented our demo farm in South Hertfordshire including the Director of the Institute for Brain Chemistry, the holder of three medical awards, who had a hospital in Uganda for 30 years, summed up in these words...

"what you are doing is revolutionary but at the same time traditional" professor Michael Crawford, 2016. Imperial College London.

"Thus the economic situation for all is improved. The relief from stress of debt, good food security and improved nutrition is the prevention for many diseases including cancer. Cognitive development in children and subsequent mental health are also taken care of and thus all can flourish and prosper." Richard Higgins, Director, Good Gardeners International. 

HH-4 was analysed by The Laverstoke Park Laboratory (and scroll down the page) in the United Kingdom and it contains everything to activate a fully sustainable agricultural/horticultural food production system. John Innis Laboratory have commented that 'you have indeed manufactured fertile top soil. This is something  that takes Nature 500 to 1,000 years to complete. You have done it in 90 days.'

Good Gardeners train the trainers - this is how to feed the world, prevent disease and deal with waste all at the same time.


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