6 affordable, eco-friendly merchandise ideas for your charity campaign

6 affordable, eco-friendly merchandise ideas for your charity campaign

6 affordable, eco-friendly merchandise ideas for your charity campaign

Investing in quality merchandise can lead to a rise in product sales; in turn, your charity will incur a profit. But let’s be honest, merchandise can be pretty pricey and rarely is it environmentally-friendly. So, the million-dollar question is: how can you keep within budget, support sustainability and still generate some income from merchandise?

All of the most effective charity campaigns have one thing in common: they have top quality merchandise at their core. Correctly branded merchandise is great for driving awareness of your charity, as well as increasing return on investment. But of course, you must keep an eye on your budget.

Here are three cost-effective merchandise ideas from i4C Publicity:

1) Charity badges

Badges remain the UK’s number one fundraising merchandise product, proven to be the most lucrative tool in generating income.

i4C’s charity pin badges are available in a variety of fittings and finishes. You can select any shape, size, colour and texture incorporating your name, logo, design or message to meet your individual specification.

2) Wristbands

Personalised wristbands are the perfect way of promoting and fundraising for your charity. They can be personalised either by printing or embossing your logo, details, or message onto the band.

3) Fridge magnets

Refrigerator magnets are a great way of promoting and fundraising for your charity. They’ll keep your brand alive and kicking within donors’ homes.

Not only is cost something to keep an eye on, but in light of the increased media attention on climate change, environmental impact is also a big factor to consider.

Here are three environmentally-friendly merchandise products that you should be incorporating into your charity’s fundraising efforts:

1) Jute bags

Multi-purpose jute bags are made using sustainable jute fabric, with degradable plastic lining. These bags are 100% biodegradable and are extremely strong, making them the perfect option for sustainable shopping bags. They also offer a large surface area to ensure that your charity’s logo is front and centre. 

2) Eco-ballpoint pens

Made using biodegradable plastic, these retractable ball pens are made from 95% recycled plastic – helping to reduce the use of landfills. Stock up on these in your office, at fundraising events, and for door-to-door fundraising; after all, everyone needs a good pen!

3) ACTIV-R water bottles

A great alternative to plastic water bottles, these eco-friendly water bottles are made from sustainably sourced sugar cane ethanol, meaning that they are fully recyclable. In fact, they actually leave a negative carbon footprint! A perfect investment for fundraising events, and even for encouraging your own team to cut down on single use plastic.

For more information on cost-effective, environmentally-friendly merchandise for your charity, click here.

Written by Suky Malhi, Sales and Marketing Manager, i4C Publicity

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