5 tips for making a friendlier ask

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5 tips for making a friendlier ask

5 tips for making a friendlier ask

Want to prevent donor fatigue? Here are five ways you can make yours a friendlier ask.


1. Say it with a letter 

Direct mail is less aggressive than street collections as the donor can process your ask on their own terms, They may also prefer to send donations in the post, rather than giving up their bank details


2. Get suited and booted 

Ensure that your representatives are kitted out with branded clothing and are displaying identification – including your registration number – in a prominent position


3. Prime your targets 

People are more likely to give if they know that their money will be used for before they are approached. Use posters and flyers in the days before a collection, so potential supporters can digest the information.


4. Shiny, happy people 

Don’t bombard your audience with negative imagery. Of course, the issues you’re addressing do need to be communicated, but it’s human nature to switch off when faced with distressing footage.


5. Remember your manners. Keep in touch with success stories and updates on current prjects, so that donors feel a part of the process and know how their investment is being spent.



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This article first appeared in The Fundraiser, Issue 2, February 2011


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