4 ways to market a charity fundraiser without breaking the bank

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4 ways to market a charity fundraiser without breaking the bank

4 ways to market a charity fundraiser without breaking the bank

At the root of a non-profit is the passion for a cause that brings good into the world. To promote that cause, non-profits need effective fundraising. And for people to hear about a fundraiser, you need to market it. 

Yet with limited resources, funds, and staff, how can you promote your cause? You can't rely solely on a compelling cause, though that is a good start. Instead, here are four things you can do to resonate with your audience via effective and affordable marketing techniques. 

Start with compelling visuals

Did you know that over 80% of people are only skimming through written content online? Which means they’re likely looking at more engaging content like: 

  • Infographics 
  • Videos 
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Social media graphics

Creating compelling visuals is within your grasp. With a tool like PosterMyWall, you can easily create fundraiser flyers, banners and social media posts in minutes.

With compelling visual content, you will:

  • Establish your organisation’s unique and identifiable branding
  • Attract your target audience, i.e. charity donors whose values align with your cause
  • Communicate the core values of your cause to your target audience
  • Establish credibility that serves as the launchpad to promote your upcoming fundraiser
  • Garner donations

Of course, visuals are only one spoke in the wheel that gets the fundraising machine running. The goal is to engage people with authentic content that tugs at their heartstrings, and what better way to do that than by engaging your local community?

Partner with local businesses to augment your reach

Restaurants benefit partnering with non-profits because it promotes their brand and earns them goodwill. Stop by local restaurants and ask for a meeting with the manager. Illuminate the details of your cause and highlight the advantage of partnering with a non-profit. Then, create a collaborative fundraiser. Host a happy hour event and polish off the night with a raffle giveaway. Here’s how you can bring this concept to life:

  • Partner with a local restaurant 
  • Create promotional flyers, posters, and social media graphics
  • Promote your event locally and online

An easy way to promote your fundraiser is by using free social media graphics offered by PosterMyWall. Coupled with their free resizing feature, you can resize your event flyer into multiple social media sizes and share on all your social media channels. Save time by repurposing content and maintain an engaging online presence.

Create a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign

Another way to partner up with local businesses is peer-to-peer fundraising. Generate massive donations by having a network of donors advocate for your case. Here’s how it works: 

  • Set your campaign goals and address how much you want to raise.
  • Create a campaign on a free platform like Give Lively, which integrates sharing tools to help you engage volunteers, reach donors, and start a movement with the tap of a finger. 
  • Tell your story, because that’s what will compel people to donate. Answer critical details about your organization: what does your cause stand for, why is it important, and how will it foster change? 
  • Equip supporters with branding graphics: video content, and imagery related to your fundraiser. Your volunteers can share these visuals with their community on their peer-to-peer page.

Start sharing! Remember, the more supporters you engage to advocate for your cause, the more donors you’ll reach, and ultimately, the more funds you’ll raise.

Offer Your Time 

But you're running a charity fundraiser, the last thing you have is time! We get it. But where your budget falls short, time can step in and save the day. There’s something to be said about the power of community and face-to-face interaction. Especially when it comes to raising funds! 

Time is an affordable price to pay when it comes to fundraising, especially if you can enlist the help of local volunteers. 

Here are fundraising ideas that will cost you next to nothing:

  • Host a potluck and have community members each bring their favorite dish. Charge a small participation fee and educate the community about your cause. You’ll gain loyal advocates, volunteers and invested partners to promote your fundraiser.
  • Community classes - have a professional in your team provide a learning experience in a community class. Charge attendees an admission fee and collect donations at your event. Use this opportunity to teach a life skill, such as baking, while having an audience to talk about your cause.

Ready To Get Started?

Being short on resources is something all charities relate to. Do you know what else they can relate to? Being resourceful and full of diehard determination. Non-profits show the world how much they can accomplish with minimal resources. If time and money are constraints, use these strategies to increase your reach and ultimately, generate funds.

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