St John Cymru Wales

Registered Charity Number: 250523

51.475905232099, -3.1565338966267

St John Cymru are Wales’ leading first aid charity.

We deliver frontline services in the heart of welsh communities and vital support to our emergency services, helping to keep people safe and every year caring for over 8000 people who need us.

We’re committed to building a nation of life savers with a first aider in every home in Wales; by providing children and adults with the vital skills they need to save a life and provide first aid to people in their community. 

In an emergency an ambulance should arrive within 8 minutes but it can be what happens within this short time that can make the difference between life and death. We know that 59% of prehospital deaths from an injury could have been prevented with basic first aid. By training more people in the community to administer emergency first aid, St John Cymru can create a community of first aiders and together we can make a difference.

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