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About us

The Women's Section of the Royal British Legion is a membership organisation for women, which provides care and support for the serving and ex-service community and their families. 

Formed in 1921, the same year as the Royal British Legion, The Women’s Section began its work in the devastating aftermath of the First World War. It was based on that vast tranche of women who were either not married already or were unlikely to be married because of what happened to so many men during the war. It was very much a case of women wanting to do their bit, and wanting to carry on and assist particularly with an accent on widows, families and children.

The Women’s Section has always tailored its welfare help to meet the very specific requirements of those in need. At one stage, the charity ran boarding houses, cottage hospitals and training for women to help them to get back into work. Now much of the focus is on financial welfare, with allowances paid to help women who served or were married to a serviceman, and ex-service children who are in financial hardship. We also provide educational sponsorship primarily for the young children of eligible beneficiaries and family welfare breaks for those who may need assistance after bereavement, illness or simply the rejuvenation of a short holiday which would normally be unaffordable.

Although the Women’s Section operates under the umbrella of the Royal British Legion, we are totally self-sustaining in terms of raising our own money and dispersing it into our welfare projects; and all of this comes from the fundraising efforts of our individual members within our branches and counties.

Membership of the women's section is open to all Women over the age of 16 including Women who are serving in H.M. Forces, ex-servicewomen, wives widows, mothers, sisters daughters and granddaughters of past and present servicemen and women.

We welcome women from all walks of life and not just those with service connections. The Women's section prides itself on being able to provide enjoyment for sociable women who not only enjoy a sense of humour but who also enjoy fun!

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