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Rise to the challenge!

Date Posted: 17 Jun 2014

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut, doing the same old things every day? Are you caught in the trap of feeling like you don’t have the time or the energy to do anything else?

In our recent wellbeing workshops we discovered that when you look after your wellbeing it is possible to feel energised and revitalised enough to take on a new challenge. One of the team here at Pharmacist Support decided to put this theory to the test when she challenged herself to take part in the Great Manchester Swim. It certainly ticks a lot of the wellbeing boxes; it’s a physical challenge so training for it releases all those wonderful feel good endorphins, raising money for charity gives your morale a real boost and stepping out of your comfort zone helps build confidence.

Jonathan Mason, one of our newest trustees also took on a challenge in May with a magnificent bike ride from London to Paris and our friends from Day Lewis Pharmacy are fulfilling a life-long ambition – a drive through 17 countries from England to India! The journey will take them through countries including Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, and China.

Kirit says “This trip has been on my wish list since my graduation. At that point I could not afford a trip of this magnitude. As the years have passed waiting for an opportunity, there have been many obstacles that have prevented me from seizing this moment.” But on 12th April this year Kirit and a team of three colleagues began their drive of a lifetime. You can read all about their progress here on the Day Lewis Facebook page.

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What is getting in the way of you rising to the challenge? Do you feel you don’t have the time or the energy? It doesn’t need to be a big challenge for you to get a buzz from it, maybe just something you wouldn’t normally do or have been putting off for a long time. Schedule in some you time this year and get motivated!