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Our wildlife is disappearing, and the delicately balanced ecosystem that we all depend on is under threat. Globally, around a quarter of mammals face extinction in the next three decades. In the UK, almost two thirds of species have declined in the last 50 years. We are in danger of losing animals like red squirrels, dormice and hedgehogs from Britain forever.

But this loss is not inevitable, and it can be stopped. That’s why People’s Trust for Endangered Species exists. For over 40 years, our ground-breaking research has resulted in practical conservation action across the world, targeted where it is most needed and where it will have maximum impact. 
With the help of scientists, conservationists, landowners, government, and the general public, we’re bringing our most threatened species back from the brink. We invest in research and test the best ways to protect endangered species in their natural habitats. Then we put what works into action, creating vibrant wildlife havens.

With our in-house team of conservation experts, we work every day to protect some of Britain’s most iconic species, like hedgehogs, dormice and water voles, as well as vital habitats teeming with biodiversity, like hedgerows and traditional orchards. We also fund projects worldwide to ensure a future for vulnerable species like snow leopards, giraffes and slow lorises.

By leaving a gift to PTES in your will, you can help protect wildlife and their precious habitats, and together, we can bring the wild back to life.

(Image credits: Lorna Griffiths, Ken Gartside, Henry Johnson, Cetra Coverdale, Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation + Snow Leopard Trust, Andrew Neal, Nbenvie

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