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KidsOut helps businesses give back

Date posted: 02 Oct 2015

'We’re aiming to give more than 5,000 children in refuge a toy for Christmas,' said Stewart Moulds, Head of Fundraising at KidsOut. 'While last year was a good beginning, this Christmas we’re hoping to do even better.'

Debuting Christmas 2014, the KidsOut Giving Tree initiative collected more than £10,000 worth of toys for children in refuge. With 63 companies participating all over the UK, some 4,000 children received a toy who might not have otherwise.

Running through the months of November and December, the 2015 Giving Tree initiative is now open for registration, and KidsOut has raised its targets even higher.

'These children have got nothing,' said Moulds. 'Some of them leave home with literally the clothes on their back. They’re in there with nothing at a time of year when a normal child gets lots. We want them at least to have some excitement at Christmas and fond memories to look back on.'

'KidsOut aims to show children that things can get better and there’s hope for the future,' said Alice Capper, Fundraising Executive at KidsOut. 'Even though they’ve had a bad start in life, people do care.'

Businesses and organisations can take part by turning their corporate Christmas tree into a special KidsOut Giving Tree. In the lead up to Christmas, decorative tags are placed on the tree with a child’s name, age and suggested gift. Employees and participants are invited to take a tag and buy the child a gift under £10, which is then passed on to KidsOut to deliver to refuge children for Christmas.

'It’s important because some of these children do not receive many or even any presents,' said Alan Brandham, Central Bedfordshire councillor and KidsOut Chairman of Community Events. 'Asking people to give presents is lovely because it makes the people giving feel so much better and the children receiving overjoyed.'

To get involved, visit the Giving Tree website or contact the KidsOut Fundraising team on 01525 243215. Alternatively, you can donate directly to KidsOut, supporting its seasonal and ongoing efforts to bring happiness into the lives of disadvantaged children.

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