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Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Bowling Fun Days!

Date Posted: 23 Oct 2019

Over various dates in September, KidsOut enabled 358 children and 245 adults to enjoy a Fun Day out to their local Ten Pin bowling alley!

Once again, the KidsOut team received some amazing feedback from the groups attending.

One mother reported that the Fun Day gave her daughter a “huge boost of confidence. My daughter has been slightly withdrawn and tearful lately. This day out was the first time in a long time I saw her laugh and smile again. Without these opportunities, children and parents in my situation would not be able to afford these vital moments for the kids. The kids struggle hugely emotionally and some positive moments make a huge difference.”

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The trip allowed the children to develop confidence and social skills. A support worker said that “having so many lanes meant that all the children interacted with the other lanes in a well-controlled fun environment.”

The children had such a great day, with many asking “when can we go again!?”

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KidsOut are again thrilled to hear that the groups loved their Bowling Fun Days! The team would like to thank Ten Pin and look forward to collaborating in again soon to provide more bowling Fun Days!