Imago Dei Prison Ministry

Registered Charity Number: 1165176
East Grinstead, West Sussex

ID Prison Ministry is a Christian charity, committed to equipping prisoners to unlock and live in their God given potential, set free from their past, knowing their true value and identity in life.

At the heart of Imago Dei Prison Ministry is the desire to see women in prison live out their true identity and purpose. We believe that no one should be defined by their past or even their current circumstances. 

There are many reasons and contributing factors as to why people find themselves in prison. By helping to address these issues during the time spent in custody we believe we are offering real practical solutions and helping the women in prison to become healed and whole ready for release. We want to equip and empower people to live with purpose, enabling them to make better life choices and to live as valuable members of the community. This in turn has a knock-on effect on mental wellbeing, family-life and society, as well as helping to reduce re-offending.

ID began in 2016 and to date almost 600 women have participated in our courses. We currently work in three women's prisons alongside Chaplaincy departments facilitating various different courses and providing pastoral support and care for individuals, as well as Bible study, worship events and Sunday services.

All our team members follow chaplaincy protocols regarding proselytising in that we will not try to convert the people we work with but will be open to share about our personal faith in Jesus if we are asked.  And what a privilege that is!

Contact Us

Imago Dei Prison Ministry PO Box 830
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 9GU

Phone: 01342 477472

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