Help with donating goods

To donate any goods to charity whether it be a used computer or unwanted Christmas gifts simply go to our Give Your Goods section. Please note that we can only accept offers that are 100% free to the charity. Any offers that may lead to charities incurring a cost will be removed.

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What details do I need to provide when I post an item?

Please provide as much information as possible about your item. Include details about the item's size, condition, weight, etc, and if you have a picture upload it! Add as much information as possible so that charities can easily decide whether they can make use of your item.

You'll also be asked to provide contact details, such as an email address, contact phone number and your location. Please note your contact details will only be seen by charities that are registered and logged in to our site.

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Do I need to register with Charity Choice in order to post items on the Give Your Goods offers page?

Yes. Registering with Charity Choice is quick, easy and free. Simply click here to get started.

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Can I upload photos?

Yes. You can attach one image of your item to each listing. You can add a photo at any time – see below for details on how to amend an existing offer.

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Can I amend my offer once it has been listed?

You can update your listing at any time through your admin area on Charity Choice. Simply login and click on My Goods Offers, where you will be able to change the details of the offer, extend the dates or remove the listing completely. You will also be able to see a history of your offers, so if you would like to re-list an item, all you need to do is re-activate the link.

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How can I remove my offer?

If you've changed your mind, or even lost or broken the item you originally wanted to donate, all we need you to do is remove it in your admin area. Your item will then immediately be removed from the website. You will also be asked if you successfully donated your item to charity as this helps us keep track of how the service is used.

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How do I make a complaint about a listing on Charity Choice?

To make a complaint about an item you've seen listed on the Give Your Goods offers page of Charity Choice, please click the "complain" button below the item's description. This will take you to a short online form where you'll be asked to explain why you feel the listing is inappropriate and an alert will then be sent to Charity Choice. Our editorial department will review any complaints made and decide what action to take which could involve removing the offer completely, editing the offer to remove any inappropriate content, or relisting it in its original state (if we deem it to be suitable).

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Do I send my items to Charity Choice once I have listed them?

No! The Give Your Goods section is designed to help charities and individuals contact each other directly. If a charity would like your item they will contact you directly to arrange collection.

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How often do you update the site?

The website is updated automatically each time a listing is added.

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Why doesn't my offer appear on the website?

Your offer may not have appeared on the Give Your Goods offers page for a number of reasons.

  • Your offer was incomplete: our editorial team may occasionally remove offers from the website if not enough information has been included, and will email you to ask for further details.
  • Inappropriate content: either our editorial team or somebody browsing the site has deemed the content of your offer to be inappropriate or offensive. An email will be sent to the contact email address to explain this.
  • Your browser may be looking at an old version of the web page. To remedy this, hold the Ctrl key and press Refresh when on the Goods page.

If you feel that none of these reasons apply, please email us at or call 020 7566 5774.

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I have now given my item to a charity so I no longer want my listing to appear on the site. How do I remove it?

To manage all your Give Your Goods offers, edit the details or remove the listing completely please log in to your admin area and go to My Goods Offers.

Did we answer your question? If not please feel free to get in touch with us. You can call us on 020 7566 5774, or email us at