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Organisations for those with hearing impairments are listed below. Whether you've a general interest in deaf charities, or are concerned with a particular area like schools for the hearing impaired or charities supporting people who are deafblind, you'll find everything you need in out listings. Just click on an individual organisation to learn more about the charity and how you can help by donating your time, money or goods.

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Unlimited Oxfordshire

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Action Deafness

Leicester, Leicestershire

Action Deafness provides numerous services to individuals of various hearing impairments. These s...Read more »

Deafness Research UK (DRUK)


Deafness Research UK (The Hearing Research Trust) is the only national charity dedicated to fundi...Read more »

Upwards With Downs

Harlow, Essex

Upwards with Downs is a registered charity no. 1158649 Thanks for taking the time to look at ...Read more »

CLAVE - Caring for Hearing Impairment


CLAVE supports deaf people and carries out work into the study of deafness prevention.Read more »

1893 Derby RSD Company

Derby, Derbyshire

1893 Derby RSD Company runs a school to supports deaf and speech-impaired people.Read more »

Nottinghamshire Deaf Society

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

CBM is an international Christian disability and development organisation, transforming the live...Read more »

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