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Charities assisting independent schools are listed below. Each of these registered associations is concerned with specialist and private schools in general, is a specific boarding school trust, or focuses on a particular area like scholarships and school bursaries. If you want to raise funds, leave a legacy, donate money or goods, volunteer your services, or simply find out more, just click on the charity of your choice.

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Withington Girls' School Trust

Manchester, Greater Manchester

The Development Office was established in 2005 with the aim of supporting the School in its visi...Read more »

London Grid for Learning Trust

New Malden, Surrey

London Grid for Learning improves education by helping provide IT tools to London schools.Read more »

Teikyo Foundation (UK)

Wexham, Buckinghamshire

Teikyo Foundation UK supports the education and training of school children and students, members...Read more »

Downsend Parents Association

Leatherhead, Surrey

The Downsend Parentsí Association (DPA) organises social events to encourage the involvement of ...Read more »

With Gambia

Manchester, Greater Manchester

WithGambia  The aim in Gambia is to advance educational opportunities in remote rural ...Read more »

Oswestry School Charity

Congleton, Cheshire

RMIG Endowment Trust

Amersham, Buckinghamshire

The trust gives financial support to the Rickmansworth Masonic School, which provides education t...Read more »

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