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Listed below are UK charities dealing with human rights counselling & support. To find out about the groups concerned, or to learn how you can donate - money, time or goods - or raise funds, simply click on an individual organisation. Whether you've a general interest in such charities, or are concerned with particular types like those offering victim support, abuse counselling or support helplines, our listings contain all you need to know.

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International Service (UNAIS)

York, North Yorkshire

The International Service delivers development support to poorer parts of the world in an effort ...Read more »



Unchosen is an anti-trafficking charity promoting human trafficking film campaig...Read more »

CARA (Centre for Action on Rape & Abuse)

Colchester, Essex

CARA (Centre for Action on Rape and Abuse) provides specialist support to adults, young people ...Read more »

Japan Association In The UK

Enfield, Middlesex



Ra Trust


The raTrust works with groups that are at risk of contracting STI's and HIV. We offer a judgemen...Read more »

HOPE (Healing Our Past Expriences)

Scarborough, North Yorkshire

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