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Leaving a Legacy to Torch Trust

A gift of any size means so much, and every little bit helps to give real hope and blessing to those with sight loss.

Leave a gift to Torch in your will

After providing for your family and friends, you may wish to leave a gift (a legacy) to Torch in your will.

Torch Trust has been greatly helped in its work by the bequests made by those who support through writing Torch into their wills. Such kind gifts are vital for Torch as they currently account for over a half of the income we need annually to continue to fund our work. Gifts to charity are tax-exempt, so the maximum amount possible benefits the people who depend on our help.

By leaving a gift to Torch Trust in your will, you assist in the important work started back in 1959.

Change your existing will to include a legacy to Torch

If you have already made a will, but you want to leave a legacy to Torch, you can make an addition or change to your current will without re-writing it. This addition is called a codicil. A codicil is not legally binding unless it is part of your main will. We advise you to always seek the advice of a solicitor.

A Codicil Form can be found on this page, alternatively you can request one by by calling us at +44 (0)1858 438260, or emailing

Make a pledge to leave a gift to Torch

If you havenít yet made a will, making a pledge to leave a gift in your will in the future would really help us find out about your future intentions and enable us to plan for the future.

Pledges are also not legally binding so you are not committing yourself. You are simply allowing Torch to estimate future support for our work. However, if you wish it to be legally binding, we advise you to consult a solicitor to draw up a will for you, which incorporates your pledge.

A Legacy Pledge Form can be found on this page, alternatively you can request one by calling us at +44 (0)1858 438260 or emailing

Complete the form, retain a copy for yourself and send another to Torch Trust, Torch House, Torch Way, Market Harborough, LE16 9HL, or if you wish to incorporate it in your will now, take it along to your solicitor.


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Make a Pledge

This is our Pledge Form, enabling you to indicate that you wish to leave a gift to Torch in the future.

Download PDF

Leave a Legacy

Our codicil form, enabling you to make a an addition or change to your current will to include a gift to Torch. 

Download Codicil Form