Time Out Group (North West)

Registered Charity Number: 1161863

Running TOGether for Time Out Group

Date Posted: 19 Feb 2017

Time Out Group will be taking part in a number of running events to raise funds this summer: 

We would welcome anyone to join us fundraising this way!

For those that aren’t so keen on running, there are shorter runs at these events:

Many of Time Out Group’s members will be taking part in these events. It is a very fun morning out, great for meeting friends as well as making new ones, and a great way of raising Time Out Group’s profile in the local area.

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch with Marina via email (marina.wm@timeoutgroup.org.uk)  or ask any of Time Out Group’s members of staff at any of our regular events.

Funds can be raised in two ways. You can set up your own charity choice fundraising page to raise funds for Time Out Group by following this link or we can send you the more traditional sponsor sheets.