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Thanksgiving Service

It is good to praise the Lord

Dec 02 2012

  • On First Sunday of Every Month

    On First Sunday of Every Month



We often fall short of God's glory and blessings by our lack of gratitude for God's hand upon and activities in our lives. If we look back to the story of the ten lepers healed in Luke 17: 11 - 19, we see that only one returned to give THANKS for what he had received from Christ. Jesus was pleased with him, and made him completely well!

There is nothing we have, nor are, that we have not received. Come and make your blessings complete and permanent by giving THANKS to God.


Every First Sunday of each Month,

at 10AM

and God will add to what you already have received.


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Festivals & Celebrations Seasonal Celebrations

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Place of His Presence, The Porcupine, 24 Mottingham Road, Mottingham, London (Greater London), SE9 4QW

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