What holds people back from volunteering?

What holds people back from volunteering?

The British public might be willing to participate, but is a lack of time and information holding them back?


Toby Venthem, 29, Barista

To be honest it’s never really occurred to me. If I was approached by the right charity and asked to volunteer for them I probably would do it, but it’s really not something I’ve ever had suggested to me until now. I have a job, so I’d have to work out if I had the time for it.


Carlos Nieto, 29, Illustrator

It’s not something I’ve ever pursued in a formal way. I’m almost always working so it would be really difficult for me to make time to volunteer or work for free. I help people out whenever I can and if I was approached to help on a community project, or something that appealed to my professional skills, I’d probably try to make the time.


Eleanor Sanderson, 30, Barrister

I’ve volunteered in a work context with access schemes to my profession. I’m a barrister so I’ve mentored and done talks to people like myself from state schools who want to come to the Bar. I’ve also taken on pro bono work, advising on appeals in capital cases or similar where there's no legal aid. When something comes along that is really interesting, you make the time for it. The rest of the time you think I don’t want to do a bad job so someone who’s got more time can do it properly.


Dan Cowlard, 28, Media professional

I volunteered in Brazil in 2008. I wanted to do something different so I worked with kids in Sao Paulo. I’ve often thought since then that, although that was part of my plan to travel, there are parts of London that could do with people helping out as well. Obviously when I was there I was there specifically for that reason, but here there are work constraints, you’ve got to the pay the rent. If I’m honest I might also be a bit lazy about it here.


Maria Hadjiloizou, 45, Estate agent
There are charities that work with causes I’d be interested in helping with but to be honest at the moment time just doesn’t allow it. If you have a day-to-day job, finish late and get home late, and at the weekends you’re shopping and cleaning it doesn’t leave much time. If I worked part time or perhaps later on in life, I’d be quite happy to for a charity.


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