Sponsored Article: Events checklist: what you need for success

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Sponsored Article: Events checklist: what you need for success

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With the events calendar filling up do you have the materials you need to stand out from the crowd?   

Fundraising events, exhibitions and shows—whatever you’re hosting or attending this year, you have just seconds to catch attention and make an impact. Before you wade out into a sea of confusing print products, start with mapping out your key messaging, identifying what you actually need and exploring how this works with your budget.


Large and in charge


Before you can get the conversation started, you need to increase footfall at your event or stand and that means having engaging print materials that help you stand out from a distance and in a crowd. Large, striking signage is the best way to create interest in an instant, and it’ll also give you an opportunity to showcase some strong branding to give your cause added credibility.

If you have the luxury of a larger space, banners and posters are a great choice. The re-usability of banners makes them an especially good investment.  Exhibition stands can benefit from added depth with a well-placed banner stand or two, while increasing the amount of signage you have—great for those with a lot to say! If you don’t like the idea of posters, want something self-standing or are after something that can be used more than once, try display boards. Use them to showcase facts, figures or compelling imagery.


Being the talk of the table


Now that you’ve attracted people to your event or stand, you can finally start the fun bit—chatting to them! Having high quality print for people to take away is the very best way to ensure that they have the information they need to volunteer, donate or get involved with your cause.

Small, quick-glance print like postcards, leaflets and business cards are good for handing out and pocketable print gives a handy overview of your organisation.  If you need something a little larger, brochures and folded leaflets give you a lot more space to tell your story.


Saving time, saving pennies


Once you’ve decided how you’re going to decorate your space you’ll need to get your message out and inspire awareness, it’s time to start ordering everything. Comprehensive product ranges like the Exhibition Collection at printed.com are a great way to make sure you’re getting everything you need in one quick order instead of wasting time shopping around various sites.

As a charity, printed.com also offers 15% off for life, making printing for events much more affordable and also bringing day-to-day print products, like flyers, business cards and stationery, safely back into budget.

Now you’re all set for success, it’s time to head out and start raising awareness for a good cause!

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