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Smart ways print can work harder for you

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With technology and innovation key to increasing charity donations, it’s an integral way of making your charity more effective. However, with donors valuing print as the most trustworthy of all communication channels, charities must strike a careful balancing act between traditional and newer ways of reaching out to fundraisers.


Traditional forms of communication such as print need to work harder to get noticed in the noise, and thanks to a number of print technology advances, it can. Here are some ways print can work harder and smarter for your charity.


Transform flyers into donation forms


Getting your name out there is important, but you can include so much more on typical leaflets and flyers. Have your latest news, events and fundraising activities on one side, and then overleaf include a donation or volunteer form. This call to action can be made even stronger with a perforated form, where receivers can tear-off the part they need to fill in.


Turn postcards into social pledge cards


If you are thinking of starting a social media campaign, utilising an everyday postcard and turning it into a promotional pledge card is easy peasy! Simply choose your hashtag, splash it across your postcard and get them out into the public. You can keep your pledge cards traditional too and get donors to hand them in as an agreement to get involved with your charity.


Display boards with QR codes


QR codes have been frequently used by businesses in the past few years to allow smart phone users to easily scan the code, and direct them to an optimized landing page. Nowadays, less people are carrying cash, so if your fundraisers are running low on coins and notes at a charity event, having display boards or strut cards with your customised QR code will enable donations to come in digitally. Set up your own free QR code very easily, and direct donors to your online payment landing page. 




Business cards with text code reminders


Business cards are a staple stationery item, but you can use them for fundraising in quite an effective way. Treat the business card in its traditional form, with your information on one side. Overleaf is where you can drive donations with a text message promotion. Feature ‘text “GIVE” to [insert your charity text number here]’, as a way to secure easy and quick donations when you’re networking. Or, hand them out at events and have them on your stand. It’s an easy way to give something personal and get marketing material into someone’s hands without feeling too pushy, and its size-appropriate for any passer-by.


Event invitations with raffle tickets


Make your invitations to your grand balls, fashion shows, talent shows etc., all the readier for fundraising action with raffle tickets already attached thanks to our perforation options. Attendees will be less likely to lose them than the flimsy pieces of paper, and they’ll automatically want to do the raffle, so there won’t be a raffle book going around asking for more funds.


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