Intensive Care Society and Food4Heroes show the importance of fundraising momentum

Intensive Care Society and Food4Heroes show the importance of fundraising momentum

Intensive Care Society and Food4Heroes show the importance of fundraising momentum

The pandemic has meant that many individuals are scrutinising their outgoings and cancelling their direct debits. With this in mind, how do you encourage giving at a time like this?

In recent months, we’ve seen charity donations reach fundraising milestones, from the inspiring work of Captain Tom Moore to those volunteering to help foodbanks, but with donations now beginning to ease off, many charities want to know how they can keep their fundraising momentum going.

Not-for-profit organisations are seizing the opportunity to help support those in need during this time. Food4Heroes, for example, who formed in March 2020, deliver nutritious meals to NHS frontline workers. To further support their efforts, they have set up an online auction and are gaining thousands of fans and funds to support their work as a result.


There's no doubt that creative thinking like this ensures that charities and community organisations remain at the forefront of people's minds and continue to keep their audience interested at times like this.

DONATE, from UK charity National Funding Scheme, recorded an increase in donations between March and May 1st 2020, up 600% on the previous year. These statistics show just how generous the public can be and how they are being drawn to creative fundraising campaigns, like virtual music festivals, virtual dog shows and online auctions.

Many charities are also looking to use digital fundraising platforms for repeat giving too, which is easy to set up and ensures that giving relationships are maintained and developed despite the current situation.

Bart Leonard at National Funding Scheme, DONATE notes:

“Charities are really having to think of creative fundraising ideas to keep their heads above water. We’ve seen a huge rise in virtual events and online auctions as charities look to keep their donors engaged.

“When the country is in financial uncertainty, so many charities have shown just how much can be achieved through digital fundraising.” 

Charities with a mission, like the Intensive Care Society are also making the most out of digital fundraising, with their previous appeal for support raising £80,000, after it was backed by Dame Helen Mirren and Christopher Eccleston among other high profile names.

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the incredible work of key workers across the board, including that of frontline workers like intensive care staff. It has also highlighted the fact that so many frontline workers need to be supported as the pressure is taking its toll on their wellbeing.

It is thought that over 30,000 intensive care workers will require psychological support as a result of the virus, especially as the pressure doesn’t stop until we find a solution. In response, the Intensive Care Society has launched an urgent appeal for donations to provide tailored psychological support to those at the very front of the frontline. It will also provide education and training to new and existing ICU staff.

Dr Sandy Mather at the Intensive Care Society said “As the central charity in Intensive Care we have taken on the role of supporting those who are now suffering themselves having knowingly put their own lives in jeopardy to save others.

“To do this we have to raise money as we are a small charity which receives no government or NHS funding. We rely on donations from intensive care staff to keep the charity running and we also rely on their voluntary time to run the charity alongside a small staff team. 

“We set up the fundraiser on the National Funding Scheme, DONATE platform in March and have been immensely grateful for their support. Unlike other platforms it is great to work with a technology platform, which is itself a charity, that offers helpful advice and even PR to present our cause”

Donations to the Intensive Care Society will provide psychological support to those at the very front of the frontline. It will help prevent mental distress by supporting them, and will offer tailored psychological support for those who need it. Donations will also provide the support in education which our existing and new ICU professionals so need. 

For more info and to donate, please visit

Additionally, you can text ICUHELP to 70970 to donate £5.

For more info on Food4Heroes, please visit and for their auction, please visit

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