Get personal: say thank you with print

Get personal: say thank you with print

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Your donors are essential to your charity. They’re the reason you can do the work you do and make a difference each and every day. A report published last year showed that retaining donors is a hard task for most charities, but it’s far more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. So how can you get it right, and keep your donors loyal?


Research has proven that the medium donors respond to most is print, with 79% of gifts to charities received as a result of direct mail, so a personal printed thank you is the perfect way to stay at the forefront of their mind. Plus, with over a quarter of donors keeping printed material, you’re guaranteed to be sticking around for a while.


So what’s the best way to make sure you’re the first charity they think of? It’s simple… Say it with print. Need some inspiration? Check out the top 5 ways to say “Thank You” with print:


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Get practical


If you’re looking to acknowledge corporate fundraisers, thank donors and company employees with practical gifts that’ll keep you at the forefront of their minds. Think branded desk calendars and bookmarks, which are affordable and easy to produce, but go the extra mile when showing your appreciation with a gift fundraisers can use over and over again.


Be gracious with greetings

Add a personal touch and send greeting cards with a dedicated thank you letter from your CEO or from the particular sector their donations have helped, i.e. instead of writing from say your hospital charity, write from the voices on a particular hospital ward. This’ll help humanise your charity and show your donors that your charity is more than just an organisation, by putting a face to a name.


Make it real


Reinforce your message with positive case studies, reminding donors how essential their contribution truly is. Seeing and understanding the difference they’re making to your cause can be the difference between a one-off donation and a regular one. If you’re sharing a large project or case studies, then saddle-stitched brochures are ideal. They’re professional, affordable and can hold up to 40 pages. Plus, with 60% of donors considering print magazines as a tangible benefit of membership, don’t be afraid to send these kind of communications regularly.



Make your message stick


For instant gratitude, give out stickers in person to donors, particularly at events and when fundraising on the street, all the while spreading the message about your charity to others. With different sticker shape options as well as clear background, there’s also the option of adding these to the envelopes you’re sending your greeting cards in.


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Upgrade your portfolio


Show off what you do with a hardback book to pass around when guests come to visit your facilities. These sophisticated books ooze elegance and they just beg to picked up, so why not entice your donors to do just that? Fill them with success stories and photos of how donations can help, and you could even send these books as gifts to major and exclusive donors as a grand gesture of appreciation.


Print that rewards…


At, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right print, at the right price, with all of the options you need. We want to make sure your budgets stay within your limits and you get the most from your marketing, at all times. That’s why we offer all registered charities 15% off every order, for life.

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And that’s not all. No, really, there’s more! Shopping at earns you reward points which you can redeem for free print or treats with, M&S, the British Airways Executive Club or for media and imagery from iStock.


Better yet, customers can donate their own reward points to charitable organisations like yours—every little helps, after all!


So now you’re armed with all the ideas you need, why not take a browse around and start getting your ‘thank you’ print in motion? Shop the range now. - sponsored article.

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