Boost your income with one simple solution

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Boost your income with one simple solution

Boost your income with one simple solution

Sponsored: Charities can boost their fundraising income and obtain funds quickly by promoting the donation of clothes through a clothes collection partner, which removes the hassle out of clothes collections...

By partnering with organisations like Clothes4Charity, charities can generate £300 per ton of clothing donated without having to do collections themselves, making this type of fundraising a potentially lucrative source of additional income.

How does it work?

Clothes4Charity is a clothes collection partner which fundraises for charities across the UK, with the aim of making the process of giving to charity simple. Here’s how it works:

1. Charities partner with Clothes4Charity
2. The donor orders bags online to pack their unwanted clothing
3. The donor selects which partner charity they want the proceeds to go to
4. The donor chooses to bring the clothes to a drop-off point or book a van collection
5. Clothes4Charity sorts, packs and weighs the items
6. Charities are notified of the amount they will receive based on the weight of the clothes
7. Donation is sent to the charity

This simple process means charities don’t need to spend time or resource on managing this form of donation. For every one ton of clothing, Clothes4Charity gives £300 to their associated organisations.

Donations will be targeted to a specific organsiation or several charities based on the donor’s preferences, which will recorded when they send the clothes. For instance, they may choose to send donations for a particular cause – and the Clothes4Charity scheme helps to initiate that. All of these features come with no tricky terms and conditions (T&C).

The environmental bonus

By using a clothes donation program to raise funds, Clothes4Charity is helping the environment. Charities have a major role to play in safeguarding the natural resources of the planet and with fewer clothes manufactured, the scheme makes a marked difference in helping to protect the world’s resources.

Partner with us

The Clothes4Charity program is aiming to associate with over 50 reputable charitable organisations that are doing a remarkable work in their field of activity. To find out more about working with us to generate more income for your cause, contact us at or 0333 772 0303‬

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