5 ways to recruit new volunteers for your charity

5 ways to recruit new volunteers for your charity

Having trouble recruiting volunteers? Find out how to get great volunteers for your charity with these five easy tips.


1. Fit round work

One of the major barriers is that people spend so much time at work. Build relationships with local businesses so that employees are given time to volunteer.


2. Family ties

Working parents are even more short of time. They may help out at school or playgroup but have little time for anything else. Come up with ways the whole family can get involved.


3. Plant the seed

Often people haven’t given a second thought to how much they contribute to their communities. Perhaps they do it already but haven’t thought of it in that way. Make sure you invest in outreach so that people are aware of how they can help.


4. Life experience

Gap year students can’t wait to get out of the country and help in communities abroad but they’re less keen to stay at home and do it. Is it time to change the prevailing culture so that community work in the UK is as appealing?


5. Pro bono

Professionals and skilled workers are often happy to provide their services for free if they are approached. Seek out the individuals in your community that have the skills you need and ask.


What really holds people back from volunteering?


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