5 Ways to Make your Fundraising Campaigns Memorable

5 Ways to Make your Fundraising Campaigns Memorable

Some fundraising campaigns just stick in people's memories - so how do you make yours stand out?


1. Make it funny

Comic Relief have been doing it to great effect for years – if you can inject humour into your cause, you’re sure to stick in the mind of the donors. Just make sure it’s funny for the right reasons. 


2. Find a theme

Giving your campaign a theme will ensure that it is recognisable. The theme should tie in with the cause or donors may not realise that the campaign belongs to your organisation. For a scalable campaign it is good to choose a theme that can be tweaked in future years to keep it fresh.
3. Be unique

There are loads of great campaigns to draw inspiration from, but the best of them will have been completely new when they launched. Don’t get so bogged down in what has worked in the past that you forget to be original.

4. Catch-phrase

Word play can help to give your campaign a boost, particularly if it adds to the comedy theme. ‘Movember’ is a great example of this. For causes that don’t lend themselves to humour, choose words with impact, such as ‘Full-Stop’.

5. Famous faces

Placing a high profile figure at the helm of your campaign will always help to raise its prominence and make it memorable. Make sure that the individual you chose represents your charity positively and doesn’t attract attention for the wrong kind of attention.


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