5 podcasts to help you fundraise on the go

5 podcasts to help you fundraise on the go

5 podcasts to help you fundraise on the go

Many non-profit fundraisers simply don’t have the time to attend conferences or day-long workshops to hone their skills or find new ideas to supercharge their development programme. That’s where podcasts come in…

Non-profit fundraisers are busy people. Often, we work at organisations that are understaffed and under-resourced, but that are doing amazing work and need to raise more money in order to thrive. 

Over the past five years, a number of excellent podcasts have been launched to help non-profits learn new fundraising strategies and get new ideas to help them grow. 

Podcasts are excellent resources for non-profit fundraisers because they are short, portable ways to learn and be inspired on the go. Most podcasts run from 30-60 minutes per episode, are free, and can be downloaded or streamed right from your phone, laptop, or tablet. 

There are dozens of fundraising podcasts available through apps like iTunes and Stitcher Radio, so finding the best shows for you to listen to can seem daunting. Listed below are my top five podcasts for fundraisers – shows that will help you raise more money no matter what size or type of organisation you are working with. The list below is presented in no particular order.

#1: Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s weekly show focuses on issues of concern to all non-profits…fundraising, management, and growth. Recent episodes have focused on how to make your fundraising more donor-centric, the best ways to prevent financial fraud at your organisation, and how to make your website more compelling to donors.

Most weeks, Tony welcomes a special guest to help him explore that week’s topic. With over 425 past episodes available in the archive and a new show produced each week, this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge to help you expand your fundraising programmes.

#2: Hubcast Nonprofit Hub Radio

This podcast from Nonprofit Hub features interviews with some of the best minds in non-profit fundraising, including Marc Pitman, Dan Pallotta, Tom Ahern, and more. The show also dives deep into topics discussed on the Nonprofit Hub website and breaks down current trends and issues facing the non-profit fundraising sector. The show is produced on an irregular basis, with new episodes released around once every two weeks. There are 40 episodes available in the archives.

#3: spEngage Podcast

The spEngage Podcast is produced by Blackbaud, one of the world’s largest fundraising software developers. The show features tips, tricks, and strategies for growing the impact of your non-profit. Many of the topics are focused on fundraising, with some also focused on things like management, financial oversight, and marketing. spEngage releases a new show each week, and there are over 80 past episodes available in the archive. 

Some of the recent topics covered in this podcast include how Generation Z is transforming the non-profit sector, how to use engagement fundraising to raise more money and how to increase year-end giving for your organisation.

#4: The Small Nonprofit Podcast

The Small Nonprofit Podcast is a relatively new addition to the charity podcasting landscape, and as its name implies, it is focused on helping organisations on the smaller end of the fundraising spectrum. Produced by The Good Partnership and Charity Village, this podcast aims to give “practical and actionable guidance” on fundraising and management issues for smaller non-profits.

The show is produced on an irregular schedule, and there are currently 20 shows available in the archives. Recent episodes have featured interviews with fundraising experts Jen Love and Ashleigh Saith and show focused on how to craft stories to help your non-profit raise more money.

#5: The Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

The Nonprofit Leadership Podcast with Rob Harter focuses on in-depth interviews with non-profit leaders from across the sector. In each episode, Rob talks with highly experienced charity leaders to find out which strategies and tactics have worked for them in increasing the impact (and fundraising) of the non-profits they have served.

New episodes of the show are produced twice per month, and there are over 90 episodes available in the archives. Recent guests have included Peter Greer and Amberlie Phillips. The shows feature a wide range of topics, from fundraising on social media to how to non-profits can best address the issue of poverty. 

Regardless of your non-profit’s mission or size, the five podcasts listed here will help you hone your strategy, acquire new skills, and raise more money for your organisation than ever before.

Joe Garecht is the president of Garecht Fundraising Associates, and the founder of The Fundraising Authority. He is also the author of several books on non-profit fundraising (including How to Raise More Money for Any Non-Profit).

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