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5 event planning tips you need to know

Your event-planning mission is simple: raise awareness, funds and support, while keeping costs and outgoings to a minimum.

Anyone thatís ever planned a fundraising event will tell you itís a lot easier than it sounds. If you find yourself swimming in quotes, dealing with multiple companies and making lists until youíre blue in the face, it might be time to try one (or all) of these five event-planning hacks.

1.      Reusable signage

If youíve been ordering your event signage again and again each year, it might be time to think about changing your approach. Investing in higher quality banners, display boards and signs will save you money in the long-run and will help you tick off the task list for future events much faster because youíll have the print ready to go. Whip up some generic branded banners and some useful, functional signs and display boards for stalls, toilets, parking, entrances and exists to cover all the bases. Easy!

2.      Trim the excess

You can save yourself a healthy chunk of your budget by only ordering the quantities of promotional print that you need. Lithographic printers will only be able to offer you low prices if you buy in bulk and printers that are exclusively digital will only be able to offer you smaller quantities at lower prices. Either way, youíre looking at an expensive order that doesnít necessarily meet your needs.


Printing companies with both digital and lithographic presses, can offer large and small quantities at low prices, so you have the freedom to only order as much as you need. Less waste, less cost!

Be a multitasking machine  

When you have so much to organise, any process that can be streamlined, should be! Sites that offer comprehensive collections, are the cheatís way to get everything ordered without the need to shop around. Fewer quotes, fewer invoices and fewer orders to track and organise. 

4.      Hunt out a bargain

Keeping everything within budget isnít easy, so look for places or destinations that can help you out with a charity discount. Places like offers charities 15% off all their print orders, and even allow other customers to donate reward points which can be redeemed for free print and treats with shopping partners like, iStock, M&S and the British Airways Executive Club.


5.      Organise, organise, organise!

Staying on top of everything isnít easy, itís like spinning plates! Miss anything and you run the risk of disaster. Try to use companies that allow you to track your orders or arrange delivery of goods at a time that suits you. Anywhere that lets you login, quickly check the status of your order and keep yourself on track, are ideal for staying organised. 

Now youíre ready to go out and take on summer events and fundraisers like a well-seasoned pro.

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