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Bye-Bye to Bed

Dec 15 2015

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Join the hundreds of Kids in Asia supporters who’ll say Bye-Bye to Bed for one night to raise much needed funds. Sleeping in a tent or roughing it on your living room floor is hopefully the closest most of us will ever get to the deprivations suffered by children in Asia’s poorest countries. So on September 14th we invite you to do just that – and to get your friends to sponsor your night away from your creature comforts. You’ll be sure to appreciate them all the more once your ‘ordeal’ is over. And you’ll help add to the £1.5 million raised by last year’s event. Contact us for your Bye-Bye to bed sponsorship pack.

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Fun Challenges – Go Without (e.g. drinking, smoking, chocolate, texting)

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Norwich, NR5 8EL

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Michael Keating

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