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Shark Guardian 3rd Quarter Update 2014

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Date posted: 23 Oct 2014

Shark Guardian educational programs, research projects and campaigns have been growing massively this year. With the support of the general public, school students and Shark Guardian Dive Centers from around the world, Shark Guardian has become a real force for shark and marine conservation. Here is a round up of our activities since July 2014.… Read More»

Shark Guardian First Quarter Update – 2014

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Date posted: 15 Jul 2014

In 2014 Shark Guardian has started to do a quarterly round of of our activities as well as whats happening around the world with regards to shark and marine conservation. Here you will find links to some our previous blogs, news articles from around the world and action links you can use to get more involved with Shark Guardian and conservation.… Read More»

2nd Quarter Update 2014

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Date posted: 30 Mar 2014

It has been a very exciting 2nd quarter of 2014 for Shark Guardian. In April 2014 we celebrated Earth Week with a tour of International schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai giving talks about shark and marine conservation. In May we summarized data from the very successful Thailand eShark Project with further plans to advance phase 2 of the project. In June 2014 we toured 14 International schools in Hong Kong as well as the east coast of Thailand. Plus our new Shark Guardian leaders have been doing some awesome work in Indonesia. Meanwhile globally, sharks are in the headlines as more airlines have been banning the transport of shark fins. Read the full details below:… Read More»

Shark Guardian Update for November 2013

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Date posted: 01 Dec 2013

Its been another super awesome month for Shark Guardian. November started with the end of our very successful tour in Bali, Indonesia. More dive centers have signed on with Shark Guardian in great support – both in Indonesia and Thailand. Shark Guardian is now back in UK Schools whilst Shark Guardian ambassadors in Thailand represent us at a student conference. Brendon has been back in East Timor to share more Shark Guardian education there. And Thailand eShark Project is full steam ahead but we need your votes to have greater success!… Read More»

One of the largest projects ever designed to document the worrisome trend of declining shark sightin

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Date posted: 12 Oct 2013

Single largest community project to be undertaken to monitor shark sightings in Thai waters. The Thailand eShark Project has been organized through Shark Guardian to collectively gather data from as many divers in Thailand as possible.… Read More»

Shark Guardian Update for September 2013

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Date posted: 01 Oct 2013

September has been full of shark news around the world, specifically a huge step from the Hong Kong government. Plus Shark Guardian has been busy with local presentations, origami sharks and shark monitoring projects. As well as speaking out for divers to the press in Bangkok and Spreading our education worldwide through our Shark Guardian Leaders.… Read More»

Monthly Update: August 2013

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Date posted: 31 Aug 2013

Back in Khao Lak, Phang Nga, Thailand, since the start of August, Shark Guardian has been focusing on local projects and educating diving communities. There is now another hundred plus people with increased knowledge on sharks with ideas on how they can get involved in conservation! Plus this month some big achievements around the world which will help our sharks.… Read More»

Monthly Update: July 2013

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Date posted: 31 Jul 2013

July started off with Shark Guardian being given UK charity status! A great way to start the month after many months of hard work by Brendon, Liz and our trustees. We are now looking for sponsors and donors to help us continue our educational presentations and seminars around the world.… Read More»

Monthly Update: June 2013

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Date posted: 30 Jun 2013

Shark Guardian started the month off with the end of our Hong Kong school tour. Even in the last few days the banning of shark fin in certain airlines is raising questions and as California’s shark fin ban roars in to place on the 1st of July, sharks remain clearly in the headlines.… Read More»

Monthly Update: May 2013

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Date posted: 31 May 2013

8 Schools and 10 presentations in Hong Kong means over 1000 more children have been educated by Shark Guardian! Shark Guardian started their Hong Kong tour on the 20th of May 2013 with a presentation to the upper school at Kellet International School. Over the following 2 weeks more than 1000 children and adults saw the presentation which was specifically taylored to the Hong Kong audience.… Read More»