Safe Africa

For Women & Children: Making the difference in Africa.

Registered Charity Number: 1135816
Blackburn, Lancashire

SAFE AFRICA was created in 2010. Its main purpose is to campaign for, and to contribute towards poverty eradication and disease control in Africa. Safe Africa’s mission is clear, its principles and objectives precise, and its approach to poverty unique. Join and support Safe Africa today to make the difference - that difference for women and children in Africa.


1. The prevention or relief of poverty

2.The advancement of healthcare or the saving of lives by providing education and training and by running healthcare projects.

3. The provision of direct financial assistance to individuals or communities in the form of grants, food, clothing and other items directed towards alleviating social conditions that can lead to, or can be caused by poverty and by doing any other things that can prevent or relief poverty and improve healthcare.

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Safe Africa 33 King Street

Phone: 01772 369299 / 07574 101541

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