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Footsteps for Futures 2015

Towards A Brighter Future, One Step At A Time

Mar 20 2015

Dec 31 2015

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RESULTS knows how we can tackle the roots causes of poverty. If we act now we can end extreme poverty within a generation.  We take steps towards achieving this goal every day, and so can you.

Join the march towards a brighter future for all.

Sign up for the Footsteps for Futures challenge:

a) Run or walk to and from work for an entire week;

b) Organise your own 'Go The Distance' whole-day walking/running/cycling event; or

c) Get creative a plan your very own event to use your footsteps to achieve a brighter future for all!

Every step you take helps our campaigns to end extreme poverty go the distance!

Walk All Week

This challenge asks you to change your routine for 5 days and use the opportunity to reflect on the various barriers to health, education, livelihood security and opportunity that are created and sustained by extreme poverty, yet which must be overcome by millions of people worldwide today.

The Challenge: walk, run or cycle to/from/both to school or work for a whole week. Whichever option you choose, we’re sure you’ll have to adjust your routine and exert yourself more than usual when foregoing the comfort of your car/public transport! On the bright side, you might see your daily route through new eyes!

Go The Distance

This challenge aims to accommodate those for whom the Walk all Week challenge is just not possible. For this challenge, we invite you to set yourself (or organise as a group) a day-long walk/run/cycle that pushes you to stretch yourself whilst maximising the opportunity to talk to new people about issues of extreme poverty, and what they can do to address them!

The Challenge: walk, run or cycle a set distance during the course of one day (we recommend a minimum of 5 km). 

Every penny raised for RESULTS helps to make sure we can take effective action to end issues of extreme poverty, by;

  • Making sure that sufficient money is spent worldwide to improve the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable people living in extreme poverty, and that this money actually reaches those most in need;
  • Organising powerful public campaigns to galvanise action and ensure accountability;
  • Mobilising our fantastic grassroots network to engage their local MPs/MEPs and push issues up the political agenda;
  • Enabling our expert policy and advocacy staff members to ensure that the UK plays a leading role in realising the equitable and equal world we want to live in;
  • Working closely with our civil society partners to make sure our voice is heard by political leaders globally.

Footsteps for Futures is a fundraising challenge event designed to raise awareness of issues of poverty and to raise vital funds to support our work. The funds you raise by completing the challenge will be used to support our campaigning and advocacy to end extreme poverty and will not be restricted to a single campaign or single issue. 


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Fun Challenges – Endurance Test (e.g. staying awake, standing up, reading)

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Alex Kearney

31-33 Bondway , 2nd Floor, 31-33 Bondway, London, County Londonderry . SW8 1SJ


020 7793 3970

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