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Harley and Lola - THE WEDDING

Two lucky Lurchers - from Death row dog pound to the Bridal Suite

May 26 2012

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These two lovely lurchers had been thrown away by their previous owners, and ended up in a dog pound in South Yorkshire.  A huge hairy grey boy was in one of the pens when Rain Rescue, a small pet charity from South Yorkshire went in to try to save some dogs.

Even though conditions weren't great - this giant of a boy stood wagging his tail - he KNEW someone was coming for him, surely he was too handsome and young to just be put to sleep - wasn't he?  He was called Harley, and his tail wagged so much - it hurt you if you got in his way.  Harley waited in the rescue for some time, and then a lovely lady from miles and miles away heard of his story.  She saw his picture and WHAM!!! love at 1st sighting.  

Arrangements were made, travel was no problem - this lady was going to get her boy, even if it did mean travelling a long long way to come get him - he was coming home.  Settled on his soft bed - Harley went home.  Still his tail hadn't stopped wagging - but this time, his new Kelly, was grinning too - here was a perfect match.

Harley settled down into the life of luxury - he knew this was the life meant for him - and he took to it with ease.  Boat rides on the Thames, Walking in beautiful parks - off to the groomers - pampering and adoring sessions at the vets - Harley had his fan club - and still he wagged and smiled.

Still the little rescue group kept going in and out of the pound - saving as many dogs as they could.  They didn't have room for them all - only a few were the lucky ones like Harley.  On one of the trips - on a cold November day, right at the back of a long cold kennel, stood a shivering quivering little lurcher girl.  With the sweetest of faces and the thinnest of coats - her ribs and spine stood out like coat pegs.  This girl had to be saved, and managed to find a space in the little old van.

Back at the rescue, the scared girl started to feel safe.  Her eyes settled and she knew she was ok, but what did the future hold for her?  Would she find a nice home next time, or would they be wicked like her last one?  The rescue lady knew who this little girl could be destined for, and a quick photo emailed down to Kelly sealed the little girls' fate.  Could Kelly and Harley squeeze in a little girl - that was so cold she needed two coats and and who's paper thin skin just couldn't keep warm?  Of course they could - Harley's bed had room for another one, so off Lola went - to her bright new future.

That was all back on 9th November 2011 - and the romance just blossomed from there. Kelly, Sean and Harley all made Lola welcome and so did all their human and doggy friends too.  Lola was just the sweetest princess destined to meet up with her handsome raggamuffin partner Harley.

So, this event is to mark - not only the marriage of two fabulous dogs - who love each other and have the best of lives - but also to remind us all that so many lovely dogs - just like Lola and Harley are not so lucky and don't end up finding new homes.  Their fates are very very sad indeed.

This Celebration is so that we can all remember those dogs, raise awareness that they are all still out there, and to raise funds to help the little Rain Rescue manage to save more dogs - just like Harley and Lola.

And they lived happily ever after........

Visit http://www.rainrescue.co.uk/events/the-wedding-of-the-year/

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