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Exotics trade is rough on animals

Date posted: 15 Feb 2015

What do you think when you hear the word “pet”?… Read More»

FAWC recommends comprehensive uptake of CCTV in slaughterhouses

Date posted: 04 Feb 2015

This week has produced yet another devastating exposé of cruelty to animals in a UK slaughterhouse - another piece of outstanding work by Animal Aid.… Read More»

Fox Killed in Home-Made Snare in Northamptonshire

Date posted: 27 Jan 2015

A male fox was found dead with a metal wire around its neck held together with gaffer tape in what RSPCA inspectors believe was a home made snare. … Read More»

Victories in fight against wildlife persecution

Date posted: 14 Jan 2015

It always strikes me as a bit odd that when we talk about crimes against wildlife we always refer to them as ‘wildlife crime’. Why not just crime? Illegal persecution of wildlife is a criminal act after all, but for some reason there is a need to label it differently to all other illegal behaviour.… Read More»

Scottish Government urged to reconsider position on electric shock collars for cats and dogs

Date posted: 08 Jan 2015

Scottish Parliament member’s debate motion S4M-11431: Thursday 8 January, 12.30 (after FMQs)… Read More»

Resolutions for animals

Date posted: 06 Jan 2015

That is often the refrain that rings out as we leave one year and enter a new one. Many of us make New Year resolutions, often they are about improving one’s self such as I will go to the gym more, I will lose some weight or get fitter. I will read more books and watch less telly. Or maybe that’s just me.… Read More»

Member States sign joint declaration on animal welfare

Date posted: 23 Dec 2014

OneKind welcomes the Animal Welfare Declaration signed this week by Sharon Dijksma, the Dutch Minister of Agriculture; Christian Schmidt, the German Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture and Dan Jørgensen, the Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.… Read More»

Intensive farming of insects not the answer to climate change

Date posted: 15 Dec 2014

A recent article by columnist John Vincent in the Metro newspaper suggests that we should avoid climate change by tucking into a diet of insects. It describes the flavours, gives cooking suggestions, the nutritional value of the creatures and details of websites where they can be purchased. Apparently ‘grow-your-own’ bug kits can be shipped from California!… Read More»

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