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Recognising, Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Victims

Mar 27 2012

                                          ANNUAL  CONFERENCE

Recognising, Understanding and Meeting the Needs of  Victims

In July 2011, Former Victims Commissioner - Louise Casey,  published her Review into the Needs of Families Bereaved by  Homicide.

How  can we best use this review to improve services to victims of serious violence  and homicide?

DATE:        27th March 2012

TIME:       10.30am- 4.00pm (Reg from 9.45)

VENUE:     Hamilton  House, London, WC1H  9BD

"'I have met  many families who have had loved ones murdered and they talk about how the legal  process was almost as traumatic as the crime itself. This can't be right". Commissioner for victims and witnesses-Louise  Casey-2011

"We can  never make things right for families bereaved through crime and it would be  foolish to pretend that any level of support could ever achieve this. But we can  do more to ensure that families get the help they need and that the practical  impacts of bereavement are minimised".  Secretary of State for Justice Rt.  Hon Kenneth Clarke - 2011

Confirmed  Speakers

* Keir Starmer - Director of Public Prosecutions

*  Keith Bristow - Director General - National Crime Agency * Richard  Mason - Deputy Director, Victims and  Witnesses

* John & Penny Clough - Justice for Jane

* Rob  Flello - Shadow Justice Minister

To Be Confirmed

* Merseyside  Probation - TBC

Former  Victims commissioner - Louise Casey - published her review into the needs of  families bereaved by homicide in 2011.  It was welcomed by those who have  experienced the effects of this crime, and those who strive to deliver an  effective service to them.

Keir  Starmer announced "This is not about changing the legal system, but about making  the adversarial experience more bearable for families dealing with grief and  trauma. While the CPS already delivers a number of the recommendations in  today's report, we have been working closely with Ms Casey and are now improving  the service we offer".

The  judiciary responded to the review with "This review by the Commissioner for  Victims and Witnesses raises issues that need debating, especially in the light  of recent cases. The judiciary will give this report close attention alongside  the draft Directive on victims issued by the Commission in May which they are  already considering carefully".

This  conference will examine the review, the response to it, and the changes that  have happened or will be happening, due to it's findings and  recommendations

Feedback from previous conferences:
  • 'Inspirational!' Sussex & Surrey Probation Trust 2011
  • A perfect blend of speakers who clarified the current situation with   regards to victim services' Inspector - Strathclyde Police 2011  
  • 'Very informative & useful to my role in the probation   service' Dorset Probation Trust 2011
  • 'Extremely interesting items & insightful presenters' Senior Home   Office Rep 2011  
  • 'Interesting, relevant and thought provoking' Thames Valley   Probation 2011
  • 'Excellent conference with key speakers at the heart of the CJS to talk   about developments happening currently which keeps everyone up to speed'   Enfield Youth Offending Service 2011  
  • 'An interesting day that better informed me about MAMAA' Fentons   Solicitors 2011
  • 'A real eye opener for someone who works in the CJS and thinks they take   victims into account, but now realises it doesn't scratch the surface.'   probation officer - London Probation Trust 2011  
  • 'Excellent.  Will be attending next year, full of information   we never seem to get' Met Officer 2011
  • 'Informative day.  I have learned a lot' Victim Support Case   Worker
Previous  years:
  • 'Very well organised, excellent speakers, time well spent out of the   office.' Cassandra learning Trust 2011
  • 'excellent - brings victims and agencies together'   ACPO Staff   Officer
  • 'Gave a clear insight into the importance of FLO's and the role of the   victims and witness unit' Home Office Official
  • 'Made me realise that victims of violence/gang involvement need to be   supported quickly and effectively particularly within a housing context'   Supported Housing Manager
  • 'Made clear the need for tailored service and the need to greatly   improve access to trauma counselling' Policy And Information Officer -   Home Office
  • 'The need for victim care (third sector organisations) to be engaged.'   Policy Advisor
  • 'to consider what the victims think are important in order to bring a   change and direction' Youth Support Officer
  • 'greater understanding of the effect of crime on victims, I will   consider this more when I see headlines and hear news stories and if this   impacts on my work' Home Office Representative
  • 'the need to be more sympathetic to victims families and to think   about the victims needs' Home Office Representative
  • 'listening and partnership working, the need to see all policy in the   context of the individual victim' Projects Policy Manager   OCJR
  • 'excellent - brings victims and agencies together'   ACPO Staff   Officer
  • 'good to see individuals and organisations recognised for their   continual efforts to reduce crime and support victims' Home Office   Representative
  • 'I will endeavour to make victims more central to the process'   Restorative Justice  Worker

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