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2013 Manda Wilderness Choir Festival

Music: A Cause for Celebration

Jul 27 2013

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Like most African cultures, music in the Niassa District of Mozambique is an integral part of life; each village has between one and three choirs organised through local churches. Local people, however, have had neither exposure to formal musical education nor a venue in which to perform. A grassroots organization, the Manda Wilderness Community Trust is therefore seeking funding to deliver musical training and organise a choir festival to share the joy of music across 16 Nyanja villages.

The Manda Wilderness Choir Festival is an event which brings the 16 communities of the Manda Wilderness region together. Choirs comprising 20 enthusiastic Nyanja voices each compete for first, second and third prizes in an evening of joyful celebration. The festival is a night of great anticipation and excitement with each choir receiving an opportunity to receive choir training prior to the start of the festival. The vibrant voices of the choirs display their hours of training and practice and visitors come on foot, public transport and boat from as far away as 50 kilometers. After enjoying the sounds of the choirs intone their best pieces, the competition wraps up with a triumphant mass choir piece with all the choirs singing together in unity.

Due to the lack of infrastructure in this largely undeveloped region, villagers have few opportunities to travel and communicate with each other. Preoccupied by laborious duties such as firewood collection and farming, the chance to mingle together, enjoy leisure time, and share talent is a rare occurrence. The Manda Wilderness Choir Festival provides the invaluable opportunity for villagers to engage in such activities through a healthy, competitive, and artistic spirit.

Please do your part to make the 2013 Manda Wilderness Choir Festival, an event that means so much to the Manda Wilderness communities, a day of celebration and unity and an occasion to remember for years to come. To make a donation, please contact Lily Bunker at


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