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Date Posted: 15 May 2014
LDN Awareness Week - 2nd - 8th November 2014

Anna Addison started work this week on the International LDN Awareness Week 2-8th November 2014, she has managed to far to secure a feature in a UK National Newspaper and has journalist interested in a variety of testimonials for Newspapers, Magazines TV and Radio, so fingers crossed we can finalise more in the coming weeks. If you have an amazing LDN Testimonial that hasn't been submitted to Anna please email me now! It doesn't matter what Country you live in or what condition/s you take LDN for. Thank You! 
LDN 2014 Conference - Livestreaming of the 2014 LDN conference in Las Vagas  www.ldn2014.com. We are going to try and raise funds to cover the cost of the so that everyone around the world wishing to view it live on the day or for 2 days after can free of charge. The recording will then be edited into presentations and be available online indefinitely as a reference. We need to try and find out number in advance to give us an idea of bandwidth required. If you are interested in watching the livestreaming please email me.  
Calling All LDN Medical Professionals

Just launched:

1. A  Medical Professional’s only mailing list, to signup click http://eepurl.com/JVB2b
2. A Medical Professionals only section on our forum, which is hidden and private. This is a place where you can share ideas and thoughts with other medical professionals around the world. To join sign up http://forum.ldnresearchtrust.org/ .Once you have signed up please send me an email giving your full name, and relevant information so that our doctors can verify you as being a medical professional. This is for everyone’s security.

3. Are you an LDN prescribing Doctor or LDN Pharmacists? If so would you like to be listed on our website and forum?
LDN Doctors Links:

LDN Pharmacy Links:

LDN Research Trust Newsletter: Are you an LDN Advocate? Would you like to write an article for our newsletter? If so please email me for more information. The newsletter is available online for free and if it is an interesting issue it can go viral with a readership of up to 90,000.
Advertising: We are now going to offer advertising in our newsletter, to discuss options please email me.
LDN Research Trust Forum with Chat Room
Do you have any free time to become a Chat Moderator on the forum? We are planning on one day a week to have a scheduled chat around the world in a safe, secure environment for members only. You could volunteer anything from an hour a week it is your choice. We need people who can make sure the chat is clean, friendly and fun. Anyone breaking the rules will be removed by a Chat Moderator. Training will be given so you will know what is expected. If you would like more information please email me.
Thank You
Linda and the Team