John Dorkin's Charity

Registered Charity Number: 209635
Ipswich, Suffolk

The Trustees are permitted in applying the income of the Charity in relieving either generally or individually persons resident in the area of the Ancient Parish of Ipswich, St. Clements. The criteria being those "who are in conditions of need, hardship and distress by making grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities, calculated to reduce the need, hardship and distress of such persons".

Applications to assist those in need are considered regularly by the Trustees and recent examples of where funding has been provided include;


For Individuals/Families

Children attending residential camps - Bed and bedding - Carpeting - Toys - Cot - Laptop - Redecoration - Washing Machines - Curtains and Furnishings - Transport to Hospital - Redecoration - Basic Essentials


For Organisations

Play and cooking equipment for community groups - Activity Days in Holywells Park - Computer for Ipswich Winter Night Shelter - Coach trip for community groups

The Trustees however are not able to provide any part of the charity's income directly in the relief of rates, taxes or other public funds and may not commit themselves to repeat or renew relief granted on any occasion in any case.


Please email if you have any questions.

Contact Us

John Dorkin's Charity Trinity Bungalow
20 Back Hamlet

Phone: 0773 199 1669

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