Interserve Employee Foundation Limited

Registered Charity Number: 1145338

Interserve Employee Foundation turns three

Date Posted: 08 Apr 2015

The Interserve Employee Foundation, ‘IEF’, is a great example of how in Interserve our people can create ‘Places that benefit people’, one of the key outcomes of our SustainAbilities plan.

Interserve Employee FoundationThe idea of an Employee Foundation came about from a group of senior managers that were tasked with initiating a community project. Instead of developing a one off initiative the team saw an opportunity to create something that could be a lasting focus for charitable work in Interserve. It would provide a way for employees that wanted to contribute to a good cause to access the skills and resources of the rest of company, enabling us to do more than just raise money for a charity. The Employee Foundation was born one year ago and continues to grow as more people become aware of it and involved.

The focus of the foundation is to support communities where we work or live. Two key elements developed by the Foundation are the idea of ‘Giving a day of your time’ and role of a Foundation Ambassador.

The company has committed to allowing all employees, subject to getting line manager approval, to give two days of their time to a good cause. Through this we can support activities to improve our communities. If you are an employee, you can get involved either as an individual or organise a group of colleagues to bring an idea to life, this can then be supported by an application for funding to create some great community projects.

In order to link projects, people and the resources of Interserve we established the idea of Ambassadors. Ambassadors are self-starting volunteers in the business that are there to connect good ideas up with willing volunteers. Our aim is to have an Ambassador in every office and site location so if you would like to volunteer please contact us at

So get involved, set up a community project, apply for funding, become an Ambassador, link in with the Foundation and help create places that benefit people!