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IEF Grant Supports Stoke Park Trust Home of PALS

Date Posted: 04 Aug 2015

How can the IEF help?

Interserve (IFM) Slough was approached by The Stoke Park Trust home of PALS (Participation Association Leisure and Sports) charity to see if they could assist in updating their club house which is in need of urgent modernisation in many areas to bring it up to current safety standards.


Interserve jumped on board and decided the priority would be to install a new kitchen, change the store into a class room, renew electrics including heaters lights and sockets, install a new disabled toilet to meet current regulations, baby changing facilities, remove a wall, turn showers into store room, remove existing and lay new flooring in main corridor, toilet and shower areas. Decorate the three toilets, main corridor, kitchen, main hall and class room.


Ian Hocken & Tony Clark (IEF Ambassador, Slough) was success in the application for a IEF grant to help with items we were unable to provide, white goods, IT and interactive screen, flooring for main hall. The grant enabled Interserve's employees to continue with the great help in enabling PALS to realise their long term plans, which until recently had just been a ‘dream’.  


The project is now complete and I would like to thank all members of staff for their input using GADOYT and voluntary week-end work to help push this project forward. This includes trade and help desk staff, administrators, supervisors and managers.

Excellent project and Thank you to IEF for supporting PALS