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Copiapo Emergency Relief Fund Operation

Date Posted: 05 Jun 2015

Copiapo is one of Interserve’s most distant outposts, home of RMD Kwikform Chile’s northern most depot.

Copiapo sits on the edge of the Atacama Desert. It is generally regarded as one of the driest places on earth, receiving normally 12mm of rainfall per year.

That changed at the end of March 2015 when unusally heavy rain in the nearby Andes Mountains caused flash flooding and mudslides across the region.

Whilst our team there have remained safe, several have had their homes swept away and a considerable clean-up operation is in force.

To help our colleagues get back on their feet as quickly as possible, RMD Kwikform established the Copiapo Emergency Relief Fund and through the IEF Ambassadors and fund raising, we have raised an amazing £4,592.

Our sincere thanks go to everyone involved in raising this amount which will benefit our colleagues in Copiapo.

Through the worldwide raffle, we have raised £2,733.

The lucky winner of the Limited Edition Gold 64mb iPad was, RMDK in Aldridge. Congratulations Roger

And our colleagues around the world have been busy raising money too:

  • RMDK India £578
  • RMDK Ireland £303
  • RMDK Qatar £165
  • RMDK Australia £616