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Meet Thomas Mafunga, One Of Our Typical Students Now In His Second Year Of Physiotherapy

Date posted: 24 Mar 2014

Thomas Mafunga - I am lucky because I am doing the course which is my first choice and it is PHYSIOTHERAPY. This course deals with treatment without drugs. It is a new course which has just been introduced in 2010 and our class is the second one since the introduction of the course. It involves interventions such as giving advice on limb movements to make sure muscles are working and growing properly which is so important in recovery after medical or surgical treatment.… Read More»

Give One Campaign at UCL

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Date posted: 31 Jan 2014

Give One was an idea that we had 3 years ago when we were just thinking about starting Medic to Medic UCL, and this year we finally found the right time to make it happen. It’s a very simple idea, which really helped us communicate it to people. We just wanted to try, in a two week period, to get £1 from every student at UCL. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable suggestion when we started, although the job seemed to get bigger and bigger the closer we got to October!… Read More»

An Interview with Yona Walesi, National Swimming Coach for the Malawi London Olympic Team

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Date posted: 29 Jan 2014

We interviewed Yona Walesi, National Swimming Coach for the Malawi London Olympic Team, on the week marking World Physiotherapy Day. This was Yona’s second time representing Malawian athletes at the Olympics, and he talked to us about training the athletes, his time in the UK and his thoughts on physiotherapy. … Read More»

100% of our Graduates Stay in Malawi

Date posted: 10 Jan 2014

In a country with less than 300 doctors, the retention of health workers is vital. Therefore we are all the more proud to be able to say that 100% of all Medic to Medic graduates are working in Malawi itself. … Read More»