Hoffmann Foundation For Autism

Registered Charity Number: 298166

Hoffmann Foundation for Autism works is an organisation that provides support services to people with autism including residential homes for those who need constant care and for people who want to live more independently.
The goal for HFA is to create a better life for people with autism by providing them outstanding cares and services and how to improve individual's lives and assist them in their struggle to cope in a world where services are often difficult to access.
The HFA provides outreach services for people who can live independently but need help; for instance to access education and leisure.
Hoffmann Foundation for Autism is a registered charity since 2008 and is providing a range of specialist services to adults with an Autism Spectrum Condition. The organisation makes sure that people receive an individualised service, where they are living a life that is more meaningful to them. With a team of skilled staff from a variety of backgrounds and a range of work and life experiences, the HFA offers psychology services that provide diagnostic assessments, counselling, behaviour therapy and social skills. The service is open daily and has a 24h day services offering social, educational and creative activities.

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Hoffmann Foundation For Autism Fanz House
99 Gray's Inn Road

Phone: 0207 269 6930

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